The View on the Rainy Day

It happened in the one afternoon on June. He was standing alone in front of the woman clothing shop. He checked the watch in her right hand. It looked like he was waiting for something or maybe someone. He looked up because something hit his head. It was the drop of water. Suddenly, the rain falls. He likes the smell when the rain hits the ground. He ever read that in 1964 two Australian scientists use the term petrichor to explain this phenomenon. It is the smells from the blends of ozone, the plants oil and actinomycetes from the soil-dwelling bacteria. But, he had no umbrella at that time so he ran to find the shelter.

He entered a caffe in the corner of the street. There were not so many people inside the the view on the rainy day rain hujan pemandangancaffe. He decided to seat alone in the seat near the window and order a cup of caffe latte. He could saw the view outside from the window. People were running – trying to hide from the rain. A couple of young people were walking on the street under the umbrella. They looked happy even though the rain dampened their feet. Some high school students seen took shelter in the stall. Some boys still playing soccer even though it was raining. Children were running along the street. It reminded him of the childhood. He and her friends always enjoy the rainy day because it was fun. For children rain always special.

the view on the rainy day rain hujan pemandanganHe looked at the cup in front of her. The cup was already empty. He pays for the black coffee and went outside. He heard the sounds of thunder. Then, he saw a little boy who sold umbrellas. He bought the blue umbrella and started to walk on the sidewalk. He could saw the green trees along the street. The manggo tree in front of the big house was wet because of the rain drops. Some of its brown leaves were falls and swept by the wiring of the water. The vehicles were not bothered by the rain. It kept passing the wet street. One of the taxies ran in the puddle of water so the water splashed the old woman who walking in front of him. the view on the rainy day rain hujan pemandanganIt leaves brown spots on her pastel skirt. The old woman yelled to the taxi driver. The teacher who came out from the Bank took a red umbrella and walked away.

The sky was already dark. One by one, the lamps along the street were lighted. Those street the view on the rainy day rain pemandangan hujanlamps were lightening the street on that rainy evening. The rain gave him the cold evening breeze. But, at the same time the air also fresh. He passed the park and his eyes caught the flowers in the park. Even though it was evening, the flower still looked fresh because of the rain. That was the view on the rainy June.

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